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• Design & Engineering

PETROPROF engineering Office Sector includes a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers and draftsmen in different fields of engineering with highly qualification in modern engineering techniques. Carrying out designs of piping modeling and layouts, layout optimization, selection of piping material, stress analysis, support design.

• Maintenance Services

PETROPROF Provides preventive and corrective maintenance for mechanical, electrical, instrumentation activities.
– Plant shutdown and turnaround maintenance activities.
– Skilled and experienced Engineers, Technicians, hand tools, scaffolding, equipment and equipped maintenance work shop.

• Manpower/Equipment/Material Supply

PETROPROF focused on meeting all aspects of the client’s requirements via the provision of skilled manpower, equipment, material, etc…

• Welding Service

PETROPROF full welding service and fabrication company distinguished by its superior ability to provide
portable welding, shop welding, fabrication and repair services producing high weld quality using all types of common welding processes for welding of pipelines, Tanks, pressure vessels etc. Welding using rope
access tech. Our team is committed to reliable and timely work that meets your budget and schedule.
-All activities provide by usual ground mode and Rope access technique

• Sand Blasting & Coating

PETROPROF sandblasting and Coating team are capable of dealing with all type of painting materials, painting procedures and follow up the most specific specification for new construction or maintenance especially in life plants.
Staff is selective, well trained, and highly qualified, and with rope access tech., especially painting engineers “inspectors” they are managerially and technically competent and internationally certified (NACE, CSWIP, SSPC).

• New Construction

PETROPROF Provides services including Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, Installation and Testing.
Crude Oil & Gas transmission pipeline fabrication and installation has been a key activity for PETROPROF, weather it is a short flow line or a main pipeline to a major dispensing terminal.

• Training

PETROPROF training center provides training courses oriented to all disciplines of welding, painting, maintenance, inspection, cost estimating and control, safety, project management, finance, quality and computer applications.

• All activities provides by usual ground mode and Rope access technique

• Inspection & Quality Control

PETROPROF employees are committed to program of continuous quality improvement that will provide our clients with a successfully completed project that meets or exceeds all requirements.
inspection and quality staff are qualified, certified and has a variety of experience in different fields of engineering inspection techniques utilized in the inspection of floating roof & fixed roof tanks, pressure vessels, piping, boilers, furnaces, steel structure …etc.
Provides inspection and quality control procedures and reports applying to all applicable international standards, codes (API, ASME, AWS, NACE…)
PETROPROF provides Inspection services, condition monitoring, corrosion monitoring, vibration measurement and analysis and other nondestructive analysis techniques.

Who we Are .. ?

PETROPROF an Egyptian company built to fulfill the market’s demands for Construction, Design & Engineering, Welding, Sandblasting & Coating, Maintenance, Consultancy and Manpower for the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Power, Industrial and Transportation Sectors.